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Innovbook is an online service for idea management which is built to assist your company during its innovation process

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When people contribute ideas flourish

Users can comment and favorite ideas that strike their interest, and Reviewers can request feedback from experts and peers. Our peer review system encourages collaboration to solve the organizations most pressing needs.             US General Services Administration

  • University of Miami Increased Productivity 65%
  • Rocky Mountain Institute Decreased Absenteeism 25%
  • Carnegie Mellon Decreased Costs 40%
  • Physical Plant Response Time Decreased 80%

Idea Collector

Have a website, app or portal? Well, you’re able to place an Idea Collector on any website by adding a simple link. You can customize the Idea Collector to filter submissions based on the user group, specific campaign challenge, or even department and category. Using our idea management software, Idea Collectors can also be altered to fit your branding with hundreds of color options, locations for images or logos and custom titles.

Organize Ideas

Keep track of your ideas based on the category it falls into. This could be the Finance department, Human Resources, or even Customer Service. Each idea is placed in their respective category which is directly correlated to a Reviewer and Approver. This organization of ideas is crucial for all idea management tools.

Campaign Challenges

Love a challenge?  Organizations can set up specific “challenges” or campaigns within Innovbook idea management software, each one tailored to address a specific objective — such as reducing costs in a division, or coming up with new ideas for property maintenance. Focused ideation around specific objectives tend to result in a larger number of high quality ideas.

Extract the Best Ideas

Innovbook enables organizations to quickly separate the killer ideas from the pile of mediocre ones.

Save Money

Use Innovbook to capitalize on cost saving strategies by harnessing the power of employees

Develop New Products and Services

Use Innovbook to research new opportunities and discover demand for previously unknown products and services.

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